Belly Button Love

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Few weeks ago, a young mother languished in our ICU for almost a month. She was in her early 20’s and just gave birth to her first baby. Sadly, she developed preeclampsia and all other possible complications stemming from it. Despite all the efforts to save her, she finally succumbed after more than 3 weeks of battling for her life.

My heart is broken not only for the young woman, but also for the baby who will grow up never knowing the true meaning of the word “mother”.

My mother told me that she did have complications after giving birth to me and that she nearly died. I am forever grateful that she did not, and that I have experienced what a mother’s love is.

If there is something here on earth closer to Heaven’s love, I believe it is mother’s. For all who have belly buttons (our vestige connection and a constant reminder that we have a mother!), thank your mother today.

Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. Nice and sensible blog. Keep it up.

    Taga Sta. Mesa naman ako na napadpad ng Africa. Naglalaro din ng chess.

  2. Salamat ‘tol. Malapit kami sa Sta. Mesa. Isang sakay ng tricycle duon sa Manga Avenue hanggang sa may Post office. Malapit sa Stop and Shop. Maliit pa rin ang mundo!

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