Heartache Tonight

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When we were in highschool, the Eagles, was one of the favorite bands of my friends and I. We spent countless hours listening to their songs, and even singing their songs with our guitars. (No, I don’t know how to play guitar but a couple of my friends are accomplished guitarists.) We even used to sing “Seven Bridges Road” acapella and in harmony too.

Few months ago, when I learned that the Eagles is coming here in Des Moines, I thought, I just cannot miss this opportunity of hearing them live. Yes, I know that they are now old and look like grandpas and may not sound as good as they used to be, but still, they are the Eagles.

So I scouted for 2 concert tickets. And since I want to see them close enough to recognize their faces, though not too close to catch the splattering of their sweat and drivel, I got me a good location. I just closed my eyes when I saw the price of the tickets, and just rationalized to myself that this will be a chance of a lifetime.

Few days later, my ticket arrived through the mail, and I placed it somewhere safe; yes, somewhere…..

The night before the concert, I looked for my tickets. And the “somewhere” I placed it, became “nowhere”! For the life of me I cannot find them nor can I remember where I placed them!

I looked all over our house, my car, and I even went to look in my office. But they were nowhere to be found. I called the ticket center of the arena where the concert will be held,  and the customer service on-line where I got the tickets, but they cannot help me, since I got those tickets through a third party seller. I was doomed!

I know, I don’t believe in “nuno sa punso,” but now I’m thinking that they hid those tickets to avenge me of what I wrote about them in my blog. (Na-nuno ako!)

I stayed awake most of the night before the concert, looking for the tickets, and partly because sleep would not come to me. I was just too upset and would not “Take It Easy.”

As the hours to the concert closed in, I became more “Desperado.” I continued to search for the tickets, but my efforts just became “Wasted Time.” Still no tickets. Finally, I resigned my fate, for I knew it was “Already Gone.”

On the night of the concert, I sang (or cried, is more apt) “Heartache Tonight,” not with the Eagles, not with a cheering crowd, and not in a loud arena……….but in the stillness and loneliness of my room.

It took me a few days to recover from my heartache and disappointment. Why it happened? “I Can’t Tell You Why.” I just charged it to experience; another lesson of dealing and coping with disappointment and loss. But I will be alright……..I’ll “Get Over It.”


Cost of lost tickets: couple of hundred dollars

Cost of lost opportunity to see Eagles live in my lifetime: priceless

Cost of lesson learned to cope with life’s disappointments: more priceless

Cost of blogging my loss: I hope this will amount to something! (Maybe Don Henley will give me a call one of these days…… I wish.)

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  1. one of these days, when you are looking for something else, you’ll find those tickets, according to murphy’s laws. by then you’ll have gotten over this misfortune. i’m sure you’ll keep us posted…

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