Not-so-comfy Chair

I started my day today with an early appointment with my dentist. I guess I ate too much of the candies that I should be giving away to the trick-or-treaters.

As I entered the dentist’s office, I was led by one of the dentist’s assistant to one of the cubicles. She had me sit on a dental chair and adjusted it to a full recumbent position. That chair was so comfortable. She then said that since I will be under bright lights, and that they will be working in my mouth with fluids possibly splashing in my face, she gave me a protective eye gear to wear, which is a cool dark glasses.

There I was, restfully reclining, with my shades on, and a soothing cool jazz music playing…….. all I need is the beach! I can get use to this…….

And then the dentist walked in and introduced me to his menacing dental drill.

Suddenly, the chair was not so comfy anymore.

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