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I will be working this Christmas. However, I cannot really complain too much, as the last time I was on-call on Christmas day was more than 5 years ago. It’s bound to happen.

Before I turned green and become a Grinch, I decided to take a holiday off a couple of weeks early than the real Holiday season. We did not go anywhere in particular for my week’s vacation though. Instead I just cooled my heels at home, hang out with my kids all day (they are home-schooled), and be a full day teacher and child care for a few days. Moreover,  I spent a couple of late nights watching movies at home with my wife, after the kids are tucked-in in their beds.

I also did some things around the house that needs fixing. But before you admire my handyman’s skills, what I meant fixing, was replacing a couple of lightbulbs. I helped with some Christmas decorating in our home too, which includes bringing the Christmas tree home from the farm, and hanging lights in our roof (yes roof!) using my newly bought (I got myself for Christmas) versatile and “complicated” ladder that turns into 4 different positions (you can fall from this ladder more than 4 different ways too!). And shopping? I left that to my wife, while I watched the kids.

I would say that overall, my week off was one of the more relaxed vacation that I had for a while, not to mention less expensive too. This just proved that we don’t need to go anywhere “special” for vacation for it to be enjoyable. What matters is whom we spend it with.

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