Beautiful Cold Morning

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We are in a deep freeze right now. The mercury have not wandered above the freezing point in our area for the past few days. In fact this morning, our temperature was 0 degree Fahrenheit (-17.8 C).

We also have lots of snow on the ground, as 2 days ago, Iowa winter dumped a foot of snow in our locale, adding to the pile we already have.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night (my sleep was fragmented from my recent 24-hour call) and noted that it was bright outside our window. I thought it was already morning, but it was not. It was just that it was a clear night, and it was a full moon, plus the snow on the ground was reflecting the radiance of the moonlight (photo below).

I also took photos of the moon as it sets and was bidding goodbye for the morning. Have you notice all the tracks in the snow? They were made by the wild creatures around us (deer, squirrel, raccoons, rabbits, and elves…..elves?).

The sunrise this morning, seen on the opposite horizon, was also competing with the splendor and beauty of the full moon that was setting down.

Yes it is cold. But it is beautiful.


Post Note: photo below shows more clearly the many tracks on the snow. Indeed, we have active wild creatures wandering around our yard.

(*all photos taken with an iPhone)


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