Exchange(able) Gifts

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Among the gifts that are sitting underneath our Christmas tree, there are two that I know exactly what’s in them. One is a gift of my son to his sister, and the other one is from my daughter to her brother. There might be some more gifts later that I will know, once I start my Christmas shopping. (I have a lot of time yet, right?)

Last week, I accompanied my son and my daughter, on separate occasions, to the mall, as they picked and bought their presents for each other. Even though I gave them recommendations in choosing their gifts, in the end, it was them who made the final decision. I told them to make sure that the present will be liked by the other, and that it is not horribly expensive since they will be paying it with their savings.

After several minutes of wandering in the mall, they found what they wanted. They were very sure of their selection, that they will not change their choice, even if I gently persuade them to look for something else.

I even helped and connived with each one in hiding their gifts from each other, until we can wrap them, and place them under our tree. Now both of them are so excited for each other as they are sure each will like their respective presents. Of course, they are excited to open their own gifts too.

Well, I  am excited too. I cannot wait for Christmas morning and see the surprise in their faces when they open their presents. I know one thing that my kids don’t: they got each other exactly identical gifts!

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