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With all the current fascination on weight-watching, it is interesting how our weight can fluctuate. And I am not even talking about the gamut of weight change over one’s lifetime. Our weight can change considerably even in a span of a day.

Are you not boggled on how a boxer’s weight is so much different during the official weigh in than his weight during the actual fight? And that’s just in about a day later. Like when Margarito fought Pacquiao in the super welterweight: he weighed 150 lbs. during the weigh in, and was 165 lbs. during the actual fight the next day. A difference of 15 lbs. in a day! By the way, Pacman weighed 145 and 147 lbs. respectively.

Pacquiao and Margarito weigh in
Pacquiao and Margarito during the weigh in

So I experimented, and checked my weight in 24 hours, without doing any extreme measures:

152 lbs. – That was in the gym, after running 2 miles in the treadmill with adequate hydration. Before you comment on how slight my weight is for a man in his 40’s, I want to tell you that I was a measly 115-pound kid when I was in college. I was so skinny I could fly whenever the wind blows. And that was in a 172-cm frame. (Sorry, I have to use metric system, since it sounded much taller.)

154 lbs. – After having dinner. I was 130 lbs. when I first came to the US. I gained the 20 lbs. in the first several months of living here. That must be the American hamburgers and fries instead of my previous rice and tuyo. However, since then I maintained my weight in the super welterweight (147 – 154 lbs.) for the past 10 years or more. That means eating healthier with less hamburgers and fries too.

150 lbs. – After waking up in the morning, and after a trip to the bathroom. That was more than 12 hours since my last meal. My dinner must have weighed 4 pounds!? I wonder if I fast for a day, how much less will I weigh? In the same token, if I eat like in a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas feast, how much more weight will I pack?

149.5 lbs. – After taking a shower in the morning, and still before having breakfast. That was almost 5 pounds less than my heaviest weigh in. This just means one thing: my “libag” (skin debris) must have weigh half a pound. Yikes!

The conclusion of my experiment? I should take a bath more. And I don’t think that is an extreme measure.

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  1. Ha! That’s why I have un-friended my Scale whenever I’m on a diet. As long as I know that I’m eating the right food, getting enough exercise, sleep, and drinking enough water, I should be okay.

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