Run and Shoot

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Sunday, Memorial Day weekend. I went out for my morning run. This time I am bringing you with me, through my camera.

stepping out from my porch; front yard bench

I started my run a little past six o’clock and the sun was already peaking in the horizon. It was a warm and breezy morning.

morning paper at my neighbor’s driveway, waiting for pick-up
man-made pond with fountain inside the subdivision, with the rising sun at the backdrop
if you look closely, there’s a duck in the middle of the pond
well-kept and manicured lawns in our community
winding uphill road
typical Iowa scene, with silo and barn and vast fields
a neighbor’s metal artwork staring at me while I was running
This sign does not faze me. I go through it.
Dead End

After I squeezed past the closed gate, I was out of our private subdivision and into the uninhabited backroads. From paved roads to gravel roads.

the long and lonely dirt road.
at the end of this road is the open cornfields

I just hope that when I am running on this gravel backroad that a car will not pass by or else I will be powdered with dust cloud and will be inhaling dirt. However this road is so deserted that rarely a car passes by here. In fact sometimes I’m afraid that if I collapse in this road, I think it may be hours before somebody will find me. But I don’t dwell on this thought.

expanse of open field
rows of growing corn
old red barn
I’m getting tired. Maybe I should ride on one of those horses home. Giddy-up horsey!
I’m getting thirsty too. But that’s not my beer can. Really.
Maybe I can get a drink in here. But what does “protection area” mean?

The gravel road leads to a sleepy small town. The town consists of just two parallel roads, a small cafe, a gasoline station, an antique store, a church and a number of houses. In fact it is so small I can run around the whole town in about 5 minutes.

edge of the small town
big silos in this small town
small church at the center of the town

After rounding at the nearby small town, it was time to head back home.

back on the gravel backroad again
From the backroad, I went around the side of this closed gate to enter into our housing community. Back to paved road again.
Party Parking? I think I missed the party.
hidden road
just around the bend is our home
the sun is now way up high

As I stopped several times to take pictures, it took me more than an hour to finish today’s run of about 4 miles, a distance I usually cover in less than 45 minutes. But I had a lot of fun with the run and shoot… that is.

approaching home
my Nike Zoom Structure Triax back to home base; standing at my front porch bench

(all pictures taken with my i-Phone)


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