Phantom of Menace

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Has a sturdy exoskeleton and yet can collapse and squeeze into tight spots and still maintain its form.

Has the ability to move through most difficult terrains, and even handle a 90 degree climb without a hitch.

It can tread on water, and can take flight instantly without a need of a runway.

Equipped with compound photosensors made up of thousands of lenses that can see from all directions.

Has mounted sensors that detect changes in air currents and can navigate even in total darkness.

Extremely fast and can accelerate rapidly with the ability to turn and change direction while in full stride.

It is radiation resistant and probably can withstand a nuclear fallout.

Fuel efficient, and can go into energy-saving mode when fuel source is scarce.

The mere sight of it can cause fear even among hardy men. And when it’s airborne, it’s utter terror.


You may be thinking that I am describing the most advanced weaponry of war. But I am not.

I am characterizing the………


the real Phantom Menace

(*This post is just in time for the Halloween. My apology to Star Wars for the title.)

(**photo from the web)

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