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A couple of weeks ago a pair of geese settled to make a nest in the middle of the parking lot of our clinic. Definitely not a quiet place for a nesting mother as there’s heavy traffic of cars and people in this area. The mother and father goose will angrily honk and chase any person or car who would come near their nest. This made a ruckus outside the clinic but also provided some entertainment for us as we can see the nest just outside our window.

But yesterday, I noticed that the nest was unguarded. I was waiting for the mother and father goose to return, but after 2 days of not seeing them, I assumed that the nest was abandoned. What happened?

Can these eggs be made into “balut?”

(* Balut is fertilized bird egg, usually duck’s egg, that is boiled or steamed and eaten from the shell. It is a Filipino delicacy.)


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