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I have been a floor manager all my life. My job description of being the floor manager, is the one in charge of keeping the floor clean and shiny in our household.

When I was growing up in Manila, my primary house chore was waxing and scrubbing our floor with “bunot” (coconut husk). We do have a house helper, who was really a distant relative whom we were helping financially, so our parents would not leave every work to her, instead we were expected to do some of the house work. Besides, looking back now, making us share the work instilled in me the right attitude for work, even though how humble the task may be.

Every weekend, I would be on my knees on the floor, applying the red gooey floor wax with a cloth. I still remember its distinctive scent. After the wax had dried, I would be “dancing and swinging” with my one foot on the “bunot”, scrubbing the wood floor. It was satisfying to see that our floor was clean and shiny after my “dance”. For me, it was  after all, my dance floor. I may not know how to dance the tango, or the El Bimbo, or do the Moonwalk, but I was a virtuoso in the “bunot” dance.


More than three decades later, some things have changed, but some have remain…….

I now have a title of M.D. to my name, but I kept the title of Floor Manager. We also don’t have a house helper, so me, and my wife and kids share all the house work. There’s nothing lowly in cleaning floors, at least I can claim that I own the floor I am scrubbing.

Before you think that it is such a laborious job cleaning the floor, it is actually not. Our hardwood floor has a coated finish, so it is low maintenance. I just vacuum (while listening to my i-pod) it every week, and mop with special cleaner, maybe once a month. It is always shiny, without the need of applying wax, and there is no need to polish it by my “bunot” dance. I really have nothing to complain about.

Maybe soon my son will inherit my title of floor manager. Or maybe I’ll just get an iRobot Roomba (vacuum cleaning robot). I think I like that idea.

Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaner)

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  1. amazing on how that bunot molded you as person.now you have acquired something great in your life and still you look back about your humble begginings.I wish you and your child dance with the bunot together,Im sure it’ll be fun..

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