1. I don’t really have a specific team that I ‘die’ for, I watch them for the love of the game. But since you ask, here are the teams I gravitate on:
      1. I like Toronto as a team. They don’t have a superstar and yet they thrive. Besides, their coach is from Iowa and played for the university where my daughter went to.
      2. I am a fan of LeBron, so whatever team he’s in.
      3. I like the Bucks and Antetokounmpo.
      4. I also like Dallas because of Doncic.
      5. I am a super fan of Jaworski and Toyota, but that’s not what you ask, right?

      1. Same po tayo sa 1 and 4. I like the Raptors too (because Canada, haha) and I like watching Doncic play (because pogi, hahaha).

        Hindi ko na inabutan Toyota haha. 😅

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