A Nest in the Front Porch

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It’s the time of the year here in our neck of the woods that everything around us is turning green and flowers in our garden are blooming.

It’s that time of the year also that my wife is busy gardening, and she just placed new topiaries in our front porch. We bring these topiaries inside when the cold autumn wind comes but somehow they don’t like it inside and most often they don’t last the winter season. We’ll see what would happen this year.

It is also the time of the year that I see more creatures roaming around and the birds are busy building their nest. The other day, I noticed a couple of birds was frequently visiting the topiary plant in our porch. However, whenever we open the front door, they would fly away.

After the birds flew, I investigated and found that they built a nest in the top portion of our topiary. And when I looked closely, I even saw a couple of eggs inside the nest (photo below).

It would be an interesting next few weeks when those eggs hatch. We will have little birdies in our front porch!

However I felt bad for the birds as their nest is such in a busy place. I hope we would not scare them away. Or better yet, I think we should give them some space. I would like them to feel at home here. “Mi casa es su casa.”

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