Life is Fragile

I came home this morning from the gym and found my wife already awake and sitting in bed. It was barely 7 o’clock. Knowing that my wife is not a morning person, I sensed that something was wrong.

She was crying. Something was really wrong.

I then learned that she received the sad news that her brother passed away. He was only 44 years old. He was just a year older than me. His youngest child is just as old as my daughter. This news send shivers down my spine. Oh, the fragility of life.

My father died when he was 50. And with the passing away of my brother-in-law, this made me ponder on human’s mortality, especially my own. But instead of fearing how and when we will die, I think we should consider more of how we live.

Tonight, I’m hugging my kids a little longer. Or perhaps even let them sleep in our bedroom for the night.