My Daughter’s Tears

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The other day, my daughter lost something that she cried almost all night over it. Even though we told her that we will buy her something similar to replace it, still she was unconsolable. The cost of the thing she lost – less than $20.

I may think that what she lost was nothing of value, but to her it was irreplaceable. To her the loss was real, enough to cause her heartache and shed precious tears. I don’t need to reason with her and try to understand what I cannot. I just need to be there, accept her grief and share with her loss.

How can I tell her that life will be full of disappointments, heartaches, loss, suffering and pain. I cannot shelter her from these realities of life. I know I just have to be there for her, in joy and in tears.


  1. My daughter’s tears…. this one really jerked some tears… for I grew up without a father…. my father died when I was three years old. How we wish there’s always a mother and a good father for every daughter in this world who will be there to accept the daughter’s grief and share with her loss. Glad that there’s a father in heaven.

    1. I wish the same for the sons, yet things happened for a reason as stated in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3. That “to everything there’s a season a time of purpose under the heaven”.

      1. Growing up without a father may be hard. But I believe your mother did a good job of being a mother and a father to you and your siblings, as you turned up to be alright.

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