Lessons From A Kite

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Last weekend, my daughter attended a workshop in our church on how to make and fly a kite. And yesterday, she and her brother flew the kite that she made in our backyard. Me? I learned to fly a kite not in a workshop, but in the streets of Manila. Technically, since our street was so narrow and with all the wires of Meralco hanging low, so I learned to fly a kite not in the street, but in our rooftop. Not only did I learn flying kites, but I learned from kite flying too.

1. A kite will only fly well if it is balanced. If anything in your kite is off centered, it will fly in circles or will not fly at all. If you don’t balance things in your life, you will go in circles or will go nowhere at all.

2. A kite will soar higher if it is flying against the wind. Adversity, which is a fact of life, can make us strong and can bring out the best in us. Challenges make us soar (not sore or sour!).

3. The only way to fly a kite is to hold on to the string and keep it taut. Releasing the string, or if the string breaks, will make the kite fall to the ground. Rules and laws, don’t weigh us down. They keep us in flight, and keep order in our flight.

Go out and fly a kite today!

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