I Want My Own Cake

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In a few days, I will be celebrating another birthday. For the people who know me, this is not to remind you to give me a gift (but I hope it affords you enough time to shop for one, hah!). Yes, I m getting older (older than the number of kilometers in a Marathon ), but I hope I’m also getting wiser (or not?).

There are so many things I’m thankful for, and over the years I have received several gifts on my birthday that I’m indebted for. But there are two birthday gifts in particular that cannot be topped  (even if you give me $20 M gift- but I’ll accept it just in case).

The first one is  life itself. From my first breath (or my first cry, after the doctor spanked me) up to my last breath, I will be forever grateful. To be able to  live, love, laugh, cry, walk, run, eat, drink, play, work, sleep and dream…….is something that I cannot ask for more.

The second one, may be even more precious. What?! What can be more precious than life? Well, you see, life begets life. Seven years ago, I have received a gift on my birthday, that just kept on giving. It is my son, whom I share the same birthdate.

However, since the arrival of my son, my birthday celebration became secondary to his celebration. Nuts! I also would like to have balloons and Super Mario cake of my own.

me and my son


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