Virtual Reality

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When I was a child, I remember watching the cartoons Super Friends. As our super heroes sat in their Hall of Justice, they can talk to somebody that appears in their big screen, who perhaps was a world away. At that time it was a mere fantasy.

Today, every so often I will talk to my mother who is in Manila, but I can see her live and clear in my computer monitor. Then a few weeks ago, my daughter started her weekly piano lessons with her new music teacher – who is in New York! All through video conferencing.

The other week our hospital health system wanted to install electronic-ICU (e-ICU). This is a system where every bed in  several ICU’s in several different hospitals can be monitored virtually by a command center. That means I can intervene in the management of a critically ill patient who may be 100 miles away from me.

I am waiting for the day when the Transporter will be a reality. Then, I will be going home to Manila every day, while I work here in Des Moines.


  1. with eICU, I’d say, nobody can top real ICU nurses or MD’s, we’ve had e -ICU several years back, it didn’t work, they stopped it and instead hired more ICU nurses.

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