Turn Back Time

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The cold air is upon us once again. It was in the 20’s (F) in Des Moines this morning. We are below freezing already and it still more than 6 weeks before the official winter.  To my disliking, the heavy jackets are already out of the closet.

The days are also getting shorter. And for the past week or so, with the sunrise almost at 8 o’clock, meant that I was leaving for work when it was still dark. But that was only half depressing for at least my drive home has daylight, as the sunset is not until around 6 o’clock.

This weekend is the end of the Daylight Savings Time, which means the clock will go back an hour. Yes, we will turn back time! This will be a good respite for me, being on call last weekend, since I will have an extra hour of sleep. Woe to those who will be on call this weekend or that night in particular, as they have to work an extra hour.

And come next week, I will see the sunrise at my home, before I leave for work. But that also translates to that I will be driving back home in the dark, which I don’t mind as it is the end of the day anyway.

However, I know that with the days getting shorter and shorter, in a few weeks I will be leaving for work while it’s still dark, and coming back from work and it is already dark. Then that will be really depressing.

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