Toys on the Couch

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I like Toy Story. I watched all of the 3 movies of Toy Story. I even watched Toy Story 3 twice on the big screen with my kids. So it’s not surprising that I bought the Toy Story 3 DVD last week as soon as it became available in stores. Now we can watch it again and again and again (to infinity and beyond?).

Last night, when we we’re supposed to watch my newly bought DVD in our house, I got annoyed with my kids as they set all their stuff toys on the couch for the movie, leaving me no space to sit on. After I grumbled, they obligingly made a space for me in the couch, but they left their toys on it and they were the ones who sat on the floor.

I still don’t understand their “craziness” on having their toys on the couch while they sit on the floor…… until the movie started. Then I got it! It was Toy Story after all! They were just giving homage to their toys just like the movie.

I have forgotten how toys are not just toys in the eyes of the children. I guess I should watch the movie through the eyes of a child .

or through the eyes of the toys?

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