Capturing the Evasive

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Photography is both an art and a science that requires skills, practice and patience. But I will say that add to that, it also requires luck. Sheer luck. Especially if you are trying to capture an ephemeral and fleeting subjects.

For real photo enthusiasts, they always lug their camera with them wherever they go, just in case something interesting comes along. And so they are ready to capture those moments. However for the real artists, they don’t wait for that “interesting” moments or subjects to come along. Instead they create them through the mastery of light and their lenses.

Nowadays, with the advent of camera phones, everybody becomes a photographer. Our camera is always handy and ready to catch even the most quick and passing subjects.

Here are some of my wife’s recent photo captures.

there’s a shy creature hiding in the bushes
it’s a bunny!

I was amazed my wife just shoot it with the camera and not with a gun, knowing that she finally came face to face with the perpetrator who is eating her flowers. We have only water gun anyway.

Then while she was taking pictures of the rabbit, she heard a buzzing sound. It sounds like a bee, but it was slightly bigger, and definitely more alluring. It was hovering a few feet from her. It was a hummingbird!

hummingbird in our front porch
taking a sip in our hummingbird feeder

With our crazy Iowa weather, we have sunny day in one minute and then a sudden thunderstorms in the next. Though it can be really scary at times, a lightning storm I will say, is a tremendous light show.

dark angry clouds full of electric potential

Maybe next time we will capture a photo glimpse of the evasive and legendary pot of gold at the end of the evanescent rainbow. I hope we can keep it too! I mean the pot of gold, not just the photo.

(*all photos taken with i-Phone 4S)


  1. Have a great Father’s day, PT! Your garden is looking great! I hope this day will stay sunny for you and your family. The thunderclouds look ominous. But if you’re a romantic, they do lend to the mood somehow.

  2. i love the second one with the humming bird! i almost did not notice the rabbit in the first photo. i think there is something magical about photography – you capture moments that otherwise are fleeting. 🙂

  3. Beautiful captures, doc!
    Ang husay nyo!
    I love the colors and how you freeze each moment…pang professional!

    off topic : Happy belated Father’s Day po! 🙂

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