Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

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When I was a kid, I climbed up furnitures, trees and fences, much to my parent’s distress. And I had some scratches and even stitches along the way.

When I got older, I climbed up mountains and ladders of my dreams. I had a few slips and setbacks, but I reached my goal. I hope I made my parents proud.

A few weeks ago, my son and I went to a special gym and climbed up a 4-storey wall. With safety harness, of course. And we had a “wall” of fun.

That’s me up high, with my best impression of “spider on the wall.”

You would say that I am not fearful of heights. In fact, I love heights. But only when we overcome our fears that we can scale the mountains and walls of our dreams. And I am not speaking of fear of heights.

(*Entry for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Up)


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