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I admit it. You’ve been out of my mind lately. Or more accurately, you’ve been out of mind, for a long time now. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.

It’s not something that you’ve done. And no, it’s not that I’ve found someone new either. It’s just that I’ve lost that certain feeling. That certain enthusiasm. That’s certain thrill. Somehow it’s different now.

Then I saw you the other day. You seemed abandoned. You looked pleadingly into me, as if you’re begging me to hold you again. Longing for my touch. Imploring me to carry you in my arms once again. I know you felt forgotten.

I can only vaguely remember that we spent long hours together before. But we had so much fun together then. I have almost forgotten that once upon a time we made beautiful music together. Those were the good times. No. Those were the best of times. But that was many summers ago. That was when I was much younger. Now I hardly know you.

Again I’m sorry. I am really sorry. It’s not you. It’s all my fault.

But something sparked inside of me. I am again inspired. Maybe I still have it in me. Maybe I still have that touch. Maybe I can awaken that enthusiasm once more. Maybe I can relived that thrill once more. I know I may be rusty. I know I have lost my dexterity and virtuosity. But I know also that I can hone that mastery again.

I am looking forward to caressing you and lifting you into my shoulders. I would like to rest my head on your well-figured body. I would like to run my fingers in your long neck once again. I am excited to lovingly stroke your strings again. And maybe, just maybe, I can make you sing once more.

It would be such a delight to hear your voice again…… forgotten violin.

my forgotten love


  1. seriously, doc, do you play violin?
    amazing! incidentally, on my first year as ofw here in penang, i bought myself amanda (, the violin i have forgotten too, particularly after i had the chance to bring my family over. unlike yours, my fascination and diligence in learning how to play it lasted only for half a year, i think. 😦

    1. You should bring out Amanda again! It’s never too late.

      Yes, I DID play the violin (emphasis on the did). Actually I had a more formal and longer lesson in violin than in piano. I had violin lessons at Conservatory of Music in PWU for 4 years. But I laid down the violin when I entered Medicine.

      1. 4 years of that classical strings, wow! and you also know how to play piano. ta-lented ka pala sobra, doc! hehehe! 😉

    1. I tried practicing today, and I can still play it. But it does not sound good at all. Definitely not for recording quality. Bach will roll over his grave if he hears me play!

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