Last Hurrah for Summer

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September is here, heralding that the days of summer are numbered. At least here in the northern hemisphere.

This past Labor Day weekend, which is the unofficial mark for the end of the summer (Labor Day in the US is the first Monday of September), our family went out for a picnic. We also took the opportunity to take pictures for our family portrait. It may be our last hurrah for this summer.


We did not go far, but simply went to the communal picnic area of our housing development. It was basically in our backyard. It was a perfect day though for a picnic. And for a photo shoot.


To celebrate the end of summer, we all wore all-white. It was my wife’s idea actually. You know that there is an unofficial fashion rule that you cannot wear all-white anymore after Labor Day, right? I don’t know where that moratorium came from, but I suppose people associate white clothing, only for the summer.


I can say that we did have fun picnicking, taking photos, and just frolicking in the warmth of the sun. We stayed in the park until it got dark and watched as the summer sun disappeared in the horizon.


This morning, I passed by the picnic area. The day was breaking. But it was cold and foggy.


Is summer gone already?

(*family photos taken with self-timer)


  1. we used to have a similar last hurrah for summer, a roadtrip with the fam … but since the two older kids are already working, it was hard to schedule it already. some things change when the children are grown πŸ™‚

      1. totoo po … they just grow up but they remain to be our children in heart and spirit … i guess, its the Filipino soul that is never severed from the love of family and most importantly, it is God’s true love that makes it real πŸ™‚ good evening po (although its lunchtime here … would love to have that lechon you featured …)

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