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“It’s a small world after all.” 

That’s what the theme from a popular Disney ride attraction claims, which features different countries. Yet it is the internet that made that statement a reality.

We can now go to places that we never knew existed before, with a simple click of a mouse or a flick of a finger, even though how distant or remote that place be. Or we could also be seen and heard (or read) by someone from a place we never heard before, as we broadcast ourselves through the world-wide web.

A few days ago, I looked at my stats and the different countries of the readers who have visited my site. As I counted them, there were a total of 144 countries that have wandered (on purpose or not) in my blog site.

It is kind of humbling, considering that many of the articles I post were even written in my native tongue. Please forgive me, but I initially intend my site for Filipinos as my target audience, being an expatriate of the Philippines. But I do appreciate all of you (even those from Mars and other aliens) who stopped by.

For the past few days, there was one country that was a frequent guest. A country that I would say I know nothing about. Until now.

The country is Azerbaijan.

Unless you live in that country or live close to it, I am sure you don’t even know where to find it in a map. Just like me. Or maybe I am just bad with world geography.

But now I know where it is.

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To my reader in Azerbaijan, I would like to thank you for visiting my humble abode. Are you a native of that country? Or maybe a Filipino expat? I would like to hear from you and learn more about your place.


P.S. I have more hits from Azerbaijan than from China. Go figure.

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