A Day with Tulips

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A couple of days ago we trekked down to Pella, Iowa to see the tulip blooms for this year. The official Tulip Festival in this “Little Netherland” in Iowa is actually slated this coming weekend, but the tulips were already past their prime. Some have even fallen to the ground. Yet they were still a beauty to behold.

There were some tulip varieties that does not look like the typical tulips and have a different appeal but they were pretty nevertheless.

We also met these characters:

I am from the Philippines, and I definitely have no Dutch blood in my veins, and the only Dutch connection I have when growing up in Manila is that we used Dutch Boy paint to color my room blue. Yet, I can appreciate this culture.

Here are more of the tulips.

From Pella Iowa,


(*all photos taken with an iPhone; the Tulip Festival was cancelled last year due to COVID, but it will push through this year, though safety precautions will be observed.)


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