Rainy Chicago

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We have been to Chicago maybe close to a dozen of times before and the last time was two years ago. However recently, a friend of ours who is a pastor and whom I worked with when we were still in Florida, moved to Chicago few months ago and invited me to speak in his Filipino-American congregation. So we went.

Chicago was a little more than 5 hours of drive from Des Moines, Iowa. Besides visiting our friend, we took the opportunity to tour around Chicago once again.

We stayed in a hotel with a premier location downtown and enjoyed a spectacular view of the city, the Chicago River, and also Lake Michigan from the distance.

That view turned into a blur when a heavy downpour came. I think the rain keeps on following us wherever we went, whether it was New York City, Washington DC (see earlier post), and now Chicago.

Luckily the rain stopped for a short time for us to walk around the city. We trekked down the Chicago Riverwalk.

We also walked Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which is the upscale section of Michigan Avenue lined with luxurious shopping stores, restaurants and famous attractions.

We have walked this Magnificent Mile before, but this time I was more captivated with the flowers and blooms lining this avenue than the high-end stores. More friendly to the pocket too to admire the flowers than go shopping. But it does not mean we did not shop at all.

As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers.

My pastor friend also invited us out for dinner because her wife was celebrating her birthday. They asked us what we want to eat, and of course we said Filipino food! So we went to Max’s Restaurant, a famous Philippines-based chain restaurant.

Overall it was a good weekend visit to the “Windy City,” though for us it was “windy and wet.”

From rainy Chicago,


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