Pasko Na Sinta Ko

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I read from The Filipino Channel news that the very popular song “Pasko Na Sinta Ko,” a song that pull many heart strings for Filipinos, especially during Christmas, was partly based on a real life love story. The song lyrics was penned by a UP Professor, Aurelio Estanislao, when he noticed one of his voice students was glum and sad.

The story is about this student, Alfredo “Fredo” Gutierrez and his girlfriend, Melba Solidum, both students of UP College of Music and both were members of UP Concert Chrorus (UPCC). It was their first love and they were very happy together. But fate had other plans.

Melba had to leave to study abroad and Alfredo was left heartbroken.

“I had no choice. I had no means to go follow her there. I would have done so if I had the resources [because] I was pretty much in love with her. First love. But I had to be left behind,” Alfredo shared.

Another musician, Francis Dandan, put melody into the lyrics and the song “Pasko Na Sinta Ko,” was born. It had become the theme song of many heartbroken people during Christmas ever since. It also struck a so familiar chord to many OFW and their families, who are missing their loved ones this holiday season.

“Pasko Na Sinta Ko” debuted on stage at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1977. It was first performed by the UP Concert Chorus under conductor Prof. Rey T. Paguio, who asked Alfredo Gutierrez to sing the first stanza of the song.


The video below was a recording I unearthed from the internet, an impromptu performance by the UP Concert Chorus during their 2012 reunion, including Alfredo Gutierrez, the original inspiration of the song.

(*video is not mine)


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