Black Ninja Runs Again

I woke up today and decided that I will run outside. It is the first day for Daylight Savings Time (DST) this year. That means, Spring is in the air!

I looked at the temperature gauge outside and it was a few degrees above freezing. The snow that has blanketed our surrounding for most of the winter has largely melted and what was left were small patches. You may say that it was still too cold to go outside, but hey, I was wearing my Black Ninja running gear. Ninjas are fearless and are not afraid of anything, not even frosty weather.

The sun was nowhere to be found, even though it was already 8 o’clock (DST), as dark clouds hang over the sky. In fact it was even drizzling. But since it was at least 35 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) that means the rain will not freeze over the ground, and I will not encounter Black Ice (see post about Black Ice here).

I was already running for about a mile, when I have noticed that my eyeglasses were fogging and fine precipitations were misting my vision. I also became aware of the gusty winds, and that the drizzle was getting stronger. But Ninjas are not afraid of the rain. Besides, I was too far out already to turn around, might as well press on.

As I continue to run, I started to enjoy the morning even though it was not a picture perfect day. I have also observed that the migratory birds were back.

Here are the ducks, geese and swans taking a leisurely swim in the cold foggy morning.


I completed my run without any major snag, though I have taken off my glasses the rest  of the way. Ninjas don’t just rely on sight, they can feel their way with their keen sense of hearing, smell and “Ninja” sense.

Yes, I may be a little out of breath and may have a little muscle soreness after the run, but it just feels so good to be out again, and breathe the cool misty air.

The Black Ninja runner strikes again! Next on my running gear wish list: eyeglasses with wipers.


Black Ninja runner

(*At the time of posting, the rain has turned into snow once again. Will the Black Ninja tread through snow? Until next time….)

Turn Back Time

The cold air is upon us once again. It was in the 20’s (F) in Des Moines this morning. We are below freezing already and it still more than 6 weeks before the official winter.  To my disliking, the heavy jackets are already out of the closet.

The days are also getting shorter. And for the past week or so, with the sunrise almost at 8 o’clock, meant that I was leaving for work when it was still dark. But that was only half depressing for at least my drive home has daylight, as the sunset is not until around 6 o’clock.

This weekend is the end of the Daylight Savings Time, which means the clock will go back an hour. Yes, we will turn back time! This will be a good respite for me, being on call last weekend, since I will have an extra hour of sleep. Woe to those who will be on call this weekend or that night in particular, as they have to work an extra hour.

And come next week, I will see the sunrise at my home, before I leave for work. But that also translates to that I will be driving back home in the dark, which I don’t mind as it is the end of the day anyway.

However, I know that with the days getting shorter and shorter, in a few weeks I will be leaving for work while it’s still dark, and coming back from work and it is already dark. Then that will be really depressing.