9 Years of Blogging

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Nine years. Like any span of time, nine years can be relative.

It can be short. If you are a giant tortoise and can live more than 200 years, nine years is just like taking a long breath.

Nine years could be long too. For the blogging world it is a long time. Considering that an average life span of a blog is less than 100 days, nine years is like a mountain of time.

Nine years was so long ago, that in fact here are nine things that are not yet present or have not yet developed when I started this blog. Now we cannot live without them.

  1. iPad
  2. Lyft
  3. Pinterest
  4. Snapchat
  5. Instagram
  6. Facebook Messenger
  7. Selfie stick
  8. Captain America movies
  9. Ed Sheeran songs

Over the nine years of blogging, I have authored more than 800 posts, and this site had been visited more than 400,000 times. The last year had been the most successful yet with regards to readership, with visits of more than 90,000. Most of my readers are non-bloggers.

Here are the 9 top posts of this blog based on my readers:

  1. Question and Answer: Sakit sa Balakang
  2. Usog, Gayuma at Anting-anting
  3. Mamang Hilot
  4. Alaala ng Luneta
  5. Debunking Folk’s Medical Advice: Part 1
  6. Debunking Folk’s Medical Advice: Part 2
  7. Kwentong Palengke
  8. Ebolusyon ng Wika
  9. Homecoming Speech

As for me, here are my 9 personal favorites, so far. I want to believe that I have not constructed my obra maestra, and my best compositions are yet to be written.

  1. Alaala ng Luneta
  2. Pagbabalik sa Norma
  3. Bahay sa Norzagaray
  4. Catching Fireflies
  5. Once Upon a Starry Night
  6. Tag-lagas
  7. Divisoria Suit and Recto Resume
  8. Time Under Heaven    
  9. Leksiyong Pang-Grade One

The aim of this blog stays the same through the years. It is not to make money, so this site remains ads free. This blog is maintained mostly and primarily for the inspiration and happiness of one and one person only – me. But if I have made any of you, my reader, be inspired, or laugh, or cry, or be touched in any way, I am deeply humbled.

Looking ahead to a grand horizon of more years of blogging. And thank you for joining me in this wonderful journey.


(*first photo was taken at New Paltz, New York; second photo was at Grand Canyon, Arizona)


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