Fogs of Doubt

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One summer morning, I went out for a run. The sun was already up in the horizon but thick fog blankets the surrounding, making the visibility limited to several yards only. But since I know the path I am going to take, for I have passed through them a hundred times, I proceeded.

With me was my iPhone not just for my music but for emergencies too, if in case something goes wrong during my long runs. I could be attacked by a black bear, or pounced by a mountain lion, or bitten by a viper. Just kidding. The only wild creatures we have here that I am in danger of, is being charged by a deranged deer, or sprayed by a hyper-excitable skunk, or assaulted by angry birds (no, not the video game).

Having my iPhone also allows me to take pictures so I can show and tell. Here are the pictures of that foggy morning.

The fountain and the lake looks eerie, like an apparition in horror movies. The photo below is what it looks like on a clear day.

Not only does this dirt road seems lonely, but it also looks dreary and even frightening. What could be lying in wait in my hazy path? Aliens?

But I continued to press on. And soon the fog started to burn, revealing the wide fields of growing corn.

Later on, the visibility immensely improved and I can see what a beautiful morning that it was, with the sun proudly shining in the blue expansive sky, and the sea of corn dancing like gentle waves in the light summer breeze.

can you spot the deer?

A deer even amused me and posed for a photo shot. If you did not spot the deer in the photo above, here she is in the open.

Many times when we start on an endeavor that our path could be shrouded in a mist of uncertainty, and our goal is obscured from our view. But we should have the resolve and trust in ourselves to keep on plowing on. For we may not see our bearing now, but soon enough if we persevere, the fogs of doubt will burn off, and the outlook will be clear.


  1. hello, dok PT… pinakanaibigan ko ang pangalawang larawan – ganda! maganda rin ang ikatlo, ang ikaanim at ikapito. haha, ang dami pala… sana maraming matatakbuhang katulad nyan. kahit wala nang bonus na deer sighting. 😉

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