Life’s Test

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Starting from Kindergarten, a student’s life is a barrage of tests. Pop quiz, short quiz, long test, quarterly exam, midterm exam, final exam, remedial exam, entrance exam, qualifying test, national board, and licensing exam. All of these exams are supposed to prepare us for life.

One test that I fondly remember was a final exam that was given by one of my college professors in my Batchelor’s degree. The test was open books! He even allowed discussions among ourselves as long as it does not disrupt the whole class. I am not sure if he knows that some students open their notes and glance in their sitmate’s answers behind his back during tests anyway, so this time he just made it legal.

But come to think of it, real life is an open book test; discussions are encouraged; and mistakes erasures are allowed. The final grade is up to you.

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